Jan de Vice (real name Micha Schrodt) is a DJ and music producer who specialised in trance. In 2020 he began to expand his skills in progressive house, melodic house and melodic techno.

His first attempts as a musician date back to the early 90s. He started making music with various synthesizers. Jan was a singer and keyboard player and gained his stage experience at gigs.

His breakthrough finally came in 1998, when he signed his first contract with the record label Future Recordings, a sub-label of Music Research (Talle 2XLC).

Over the next years he co-founded Dark Noize Recordings and Minimal Sound Noise and began working as a DJ promoter at Media Records Germany. This role allowed him to create a broad network of DJs, labels and music producers. Inspired by the music of Anjunabeats, Bonzai Records and Ministry of Sound, Jan continued working on many music projects throughout all over Europe, gaining attention from famous DJs such as Armin van Buuren and DJ Tiesto.

In 2020 he started producing and releasing songs in his own Deerflow Studio for Electric Dada. The DJ Team celebrated their debut in 2020 on the dutch label Korecraft. Further releases followed on: Univack, Dopamine Music, Extrasound Recordings, Deerflow Recorindgs, Massive Harmony Records and other labels. 

As of April 2020, Jan de Vice is part of the DJ radio show Electric Dada Sound Adventure, which is broadcast on YouTube.

His latest trance single „Legion“, has recently been released on the label „State Soundscapes“.
Jan is currently working on a new vocal trance single with „DJ Tycoos“ and the British singer „Jodie Yang Cooper„. This single will be released on „Roman Messer’s“ label „Suanda Music„.

Linktree: JAN DE VICE